The widespread of the internet provides business owners with the perfect platform to promote their brand and develop their services. To make this marketing campaign easy for them Text Deliver is the perfect mobile autoresponder that they require.

In the present age, the text message usage rates have been increased to 90 to 95% and thus no one can deny the importance of SMS marketing for the success of their product and business. Taking advantage of this situation the market is charging high rates for this process of SMS advertisement.

To improve the quality of SMS and to solve this problem of high-costs Text Deliver has been developed. It will provide you with amazing advertising features at very affordable rates and you will not be restricted to a limited number of people thus you can send the SMS promotions to as many customers as you like.

Follow this Text Deliver review to learn more about this revolutionary software

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What is Text Deliver?

It is a new generation SMS platform that has been developed to take the place of the email autoresponder. The type of marketing it provides is many times better than the other traditional methods of the promotional campaigns. It will help the users get rid of all the problems that they have to face when they are dealing with the SMS advertisement. With the help of Text Deliver the efficiency and productivity of SMS promotional campaign will be enhanced significantly.



Text Deliver will do several amazing tasks for your marketing campaign because of the following features it has been developed so lets carry on with this Text Deliver review.


Automatic list upload:

It will start your marketing as soon as you download the software. You will not have to especially copy the contacts in the software, as it will automatically upload all the existing contacts of your device.


SMS integration and Email Integration

With mainstream SMS platform ordinarily used to be considered, the delivery of text guarantees that there is simple and easy integration. For this situation, the Text Deliver software is connected with Plivo, Twilio, CallFire, CallRail, Wiggio, Tatango and Trumpia.

This software will work effortlessly with the latest email applications in case you are dealing with email marketing. Therefore, you will not have to download a separate email application for your marketing campaign. In this regard, it is guaranteed that you will get the benefits from constant contact, iContact, MailChimp, Getresponse, Ontraport and many others among these.

Automatic message sequences

Limitless Subscribers and Automatic Message Sequences

You will get unlimited subscriber subscription options with Text Deliver. With this feature, you can add as many subscribers as you want and the software will never create an issue.

When you have to offer packages and introduce new customers to products and services that you are offering, your marketing SMS will be automatically sent. Your customers will know what they can expect, as they will receive all the information about your merchandise on time.


Inbox management and Performance Analytics

To make sure that your marketing campaign is running successfully the list of contacts will be arranged according to the priority. Text Deliver has made it possible to formulate a target listing according to your requirements. Apart from that when you have to manage your inbox you can easily adjust the conversations in the same way that you adjust your email conversations.

One of the most outstanding features that you will get with this program is the entire analytical report and productivity of your campaigns. This will include the data such as clicks, click through rates, and opens. This feature will let you know what your customers appreciate and what you need to improve.

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Time zone consideration and Lead Capture

Text deliver is developed with the high-tech codes that enables it to recognize the time frame of your customers. Thus, the software will send your SMS on a particular time so that it will not be missed.

When a person visits your website for the first time it will capture their contact number or email address and this way your SMS will only be sent to your target customers.

As you can see there are a lot of features in this software. The next sections of this Text Deliver review will go over the pros and cons.



You will gain the following amazing benefits from this software:

  • A better version for easy SMS communication with subscribers
  • No annual or monthly costs are applicable.
  • It will manage your text messages in the form of conversations that you send to subscribers.
  • With a single click, you can send a message to multiple numbers of audiences.
  • You can make a customized list of individuals whom you want to send coupons or discounts.



As the software has to be launched in the market, we can’t expect it to not have any disadvantages for the companies that use it. We all know that nothing is perfect and there have to be some minor faults, but according to my opinion with all such amazing features and benefits, one can ignore the minor drawbacks of the software.

As the software is covering all the required aspects of the SMS platform, we are sure that it has no drawbacks.


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As I have shared the basics and advantages of the software with you in this Text Deliver review, I can assure you that you will love to use this software. It will surely benefit you if you are looking into utilizing an SMS platform for your marketing campaigns. It will enhance the deliverability of your SMS campaigns and thus will result in an increase in sales.

Reviewing the product, I can assure you that it will have no drawbacks. It will be your perfect choice if you want to boost your business within days.  I highly recommend you to buy Text Deliver as soon as possible and get my discount because it will not disappoint you.

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